This is a historic moment. 2020 is the first election in which MULTIPLE pro-choice women competitively vie for President of the United States! Minnesota’s Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 3rd and there are concrete steps you can take right now to support pro-choice running up and down the ballot! 


January 17 – March 2
Early Voting In the Presidential Primary Election

✓ Make sure you’re registered to vote!
✓ Be an early voter for a pro-choice woman President! 

Iowa may report the first results, but Minnesotans are the first to cast ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election — this means YOU can be one of the FIRST in the nation to vote for the FIRST woman President!

February 25, 7:00 PM
Precinct Caucuses

✓ Attend caucus to support pro-choice women up and down the ballot! 
✓ Become a delegate for pro-choice women! 

To get to vote for and elect women in November, the first step is to support them at Caucus on Tuesday, February 25th! At caucus, you can support Sen. Tina Smith, Rep. Angie Craig in CD2, and pro-choice women running for the state legislature!

At your precinct caucus, attendees can become delegates. At a later date (convention), these delegates vote to determine which candidates get the political party endorsement. For many candidates, being endorsed by their political party is an important milestone to winning their election. To become a delegate for pro-choice women at the state and national convention, you must attend your precinct caucus on February 25th! 

March 3
Primary Election Day

✓ Find your polling location and make a plan to vote!
✓ Vote for a pro-choice woman for President! 

Any voter registered in Minnesota can vote in the Presidential Primary on March 3rd! Results will determine how Minnesota’s delegates vote at the national party convention in July. 

Women are on the frontlines of protecting our democracy. As candidates, volunteers, caucus-goers, delegates, and voters, we will determine our country’s future. Together, we will ELECT the government we deserve.

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