Statement from Lauren Beecham, Executive Director:

Women Winning applauds Governor Dayton’s appointment of Tina Smith to the United States Senate. As Lieutenant Governor, Smith has proven that she is a strong and capable leader. She has been a champion for everyday Minnesotans, working to expand internet access in Greater Minnesota, ensure access to Pre-K education, and strengthen the economy. Over the course of her career, she has demonstrated her commitment to protecting reproductive healthcare and the right to choose.

In our nation’s history, only 50 women have served in the Senate. Just five states have ever been represented by two women senators simultaneously. We know that Minnesota will benefit from being the sixth. Women bring valuable perspective, unique skills, and strong voices to the policy-making table and prioritize legislation that impacts women, families and communities. With two pro-choice women U.S. Senators, Minnesota will be well represented in Washington.

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