Since the 2016 elections, Women Winning has identified a record-high number of pro-choice women who are ready to run for office in Minnesota. This year, in addition to statewide races (including the Governor. two U.S. Senators, and Constitutional offices) and key congressional and local races, we have an incredible opportunity to reestablish a pro-choice majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives by electing pro-choice women leaders.

Women Winning was proud to endorse a slate of strong, pro-choice women candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives in April. Women Winning also announced two endorsement in county commissioner races in April.

This is just the beginning. We will be endorsing dozens more candidates in the coming months and will be working as hard as we can to elect pro-choice women up and down the ballot in November.

Heather Edelson, House District 49A
Margaret Fernandez, House District 30B
Aisha Gomez, House District 62B
Mary Hernandez, House District 55A
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, House District 48B
Tina Liebling, House District 26A
Emy Minzel, House District 15A
Norrie Thomas, House District 33A
Marla Vagts, House District 58B
Jean Wagneius, House District 63B*

Mandy Meisner, Anoka County Commissioner District 4
Angela Conley, Hennepin County Commissioner District 4


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