Trailblazers & Changemakers is Women Winning’s original interview series, featuring inspiring conversations with pro-choice women leaders who are making the difference in Minnesota. We know that the work doesn’t end with an election — pro-choice women are showing up every day as advocates, trailblazers, and changemakers. Read on to meet the champions who are fighting for our rights and our democracy. 

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Mayor Emily Larson

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Mayor Emily Larson

I have many times faced others’ doubts about whether or not I’m tough enough or strong enough. I am underestimated on a fairly regular basis. People will turn to a man in the room, or a man sitting next to me, and speak to him. I know what I’m capable of and I’m comfortable showing it. When I have been challenged on whether I’m tough enough to make a decision, my first reaction is “try me.” I can do my own hard work. I can do my own heavy lifting. I am the steady resilient leader that my community needs me to be.

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Sen. Melisa Franzen

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Sen. Melisa Franzen

"When I made the decision to run, Women Winning was there from the inception -- literally setting up our website, our remit envelopes, our lawn signs that we used for precinct caucus. Women Winning helped me build a foundation and get started. If you’re considering running for office, there’s a great group of pro-choice people who will stand behind you if you are willing to put your name out there. We need more pro-choice women at the table. Running for office is not a crazy idea! It’s possible, and we’ll help you get there." 

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