Dear Women Winning Community, 

The violent insurrection in our nation’s capital was an attack on our republic and democracy. One of the horrifying truths that too many already know was made crystal clear in those terrifying hours: the United States justice system does not treat people equally. Incited by the President of the United States, white supremacists attempted a coup unimpeded, while, for centuries, civil rights protesters face state violence. 

This threat to our democracy and republic is serious and not over. Confederate flags were paraded through the Capitol rotunda and weapons drawn in the people’s house — shocking, but unsurprising. These same groups have used lies, violence, and racism to infringe on our rights and oppress women, particularly women of color, for decades. And while Donald Trump incited Wednesday’s seditious mob, he is not solely responsible. Elected officials, party leaders, and media outlets who have coddled and enabled him, recklessly spread disinformation, and fanned the flames of hate are just as guilty. 

Women Winning works to elect our best advocates because we believe in the great power and promise of our democratic institutions. This week’s events are a painful reminder that these institutions are fragile — only as strong as the individuals willing to defend them. 147 Republican members of Congress objected to certifying the election results and scores of others have abetted attempts to overturn the will of the people. In Saint Paul, several Republican state legislators joined a rally cheering on the assault in Washington and most were silent as threats were made against our Governor. These elected officials do not respect our republic, our institutions, our democracy, or the will of the American people — and we must hold them accountable. 

We are grateful for the pro-choice women in Minnesota’s federal delegation — Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Tina Smith, Rep. Betty McCollum, Rep. Angie Craig, and Rep. Ilhan Omar — who  bravely returned to the Capitol Wednesday night to certify the election results and continue the fight for our democracy. We are grateful for Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, Speaker Melissa Hortman, Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent, and the powerful pro-choice women in the Minnesota Legislature who fight disinformation regularly — not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because they know it is dangerous. These are the advocates we need in office. And, with a statewide coalition of 18,000 members like you by our side, Women Winning remains wholly committed to our mission to elect our best advocates.

We face incredible challenges, bigger than any individual or any office, and these challenges will not end on January 20th when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in as President and Vice President. The work ahead is great, and it will take all of us. Thank you for standing with us in the fight to elect our best advocates. 

In solidarity, 

Meggie Wittorf

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