Train to Win

Women Winning trains pro-choice women in Minnesota how to run for office — and win! Our formal training program is designed to make sure women have the tools and tactics to run smart, successful campaigns. From our Getting Started as a Candidate Training to our Advanced Candidate Training Series, Women Winning is with candidates on every step of their political journey. In the two years leading up to the monumental 2020 election, Women Winning provided individual coaching and formal training to 675+ pro-choice women and staff across Minnesota!

Women Winning’s training program is carefully designed to ensure candidates are prepared for each phase of their campaign — from making an impactful campaign announcement to organizing a final Get Out The Vote field plan. Specific training topics can include Campaign Finance and Fundraising; Communications; Team Structure and Data Management; Voter Contact: Field and Organizing; and Constituent Outreach and Voter Education. 

To elect our best advocates, we must break down barriers that prevent women — particularly women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and women with disabilities — from engaging in the political process. Women Winning trainings and programming are completely free-of-charge for all pro-choice women in Minnesota.

Ready to run?

If you are a pro-choice woman running for office or considering the next step on your political journey, we want to support you! Email to learn more about upcoming trainings, available resources, and to connect with a member of our political team.  



2022 Campaign Kick-Off Training
Friday, September 24, 2021 from 8:30am-12pm
Location to be announced

This training is for first time candidates and candidates that are looking for refresher on how to launch a campaign, organize their network, and build the early infrastructure needed to run a winning campaign. We encourage all pro-choice women considering running for office in 2022 and beyond to sign-up!

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