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Women Winning trains pro-choice women in Minnesota how to run for office — and win! Our formal training program is designed to make sure women have the tools and tactics to run smart, successful campaigns. From our Getting Started as a Candidate Training to our Advanced Candidate Training Series, Women Winning is with our candidates on every step of their political journey. 

To elect our best advocates, we must break down barriers that prevent women — particularly women of color, LGBTQ+ womxn, and women with disabilities — from engaging in the political process. Women Winning trainings and programming are completely free-of-charge for all pro-choice women in Minnesota. 



Rise Up. Run For Office. Getting Started as a Candidate Training
Friday, December 4, 2020 from 9am-12pm
Training hosted virtually via Zoom

Pro-choice women aren’t slowing down. We are our own best advocates and now more than ever we need women’s leadership at every level of elected office: School Board, City Councils, the Minnesota Legislature, and in Washington D.C.! If you’re thinking about running for office in 2021, 2022, or beyond, Women Winning is here to provide the tools for success. 

Join us at our Rise Up. Run For Office. Getting Started as a Candidate Training to:
• Develop practical skills to start preparing a run for office
• Learn how to successfully launch & announce a campaign
• Gain insight into the time, resources, and external support needed to run a successful campaign
• Ask questions of experienced campaigners and connect with others considering running for office in 2021 and beyond

This training is recommended for any pro-choice women who are running for office, considering running for office, or wanting to support a pro-choice woman’s campaign in a staff or consistent volunteer capacity. Training is open to anyone who identifies as a pro-choice womxn. Register today to reserve your spot! 

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