Since our founding, the number of women state legislators, county commissioners and mayors in Minnesota has more than tripled. Our impact is evidenced by the success of our candidates: the trailblazing pro-choice women who have helped shape our state. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about our endorsement process.

Do you support candidates throughout the state?

We support women running for office throughout Minnesota—from Hennepin to Hubbard, Ramsey to Redwood and everywhere in between!

For what levels of office does Women Winning make endorsements?

We endorse candidates in federal, state and local races—including state legislators, county commissioners, mayors, school board members, and park board members.

Does my party affiliation matter?

Women Winning supports pro-choice women of all parties in Minnesota.

What are you looking for in an endorsed candidate?

We’re looking for determined pro-choice women candidates who:

  • Are committed to our mission to encourage, promote, support and elect pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office.
  • Support comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education, including information about both abstinence and contraception.
  • Support access to emergency contraception, as well as family planning initiatives to prevent unintended pregnancies.
  • Support a woman’s constitutionally protected right to obtain medically safe, legal and accessible abortion.

When making endorsement decisions, we also consider the strength of a candidate’s campaign, and her path to victory. This can include the candidate’s ability to conduct a rigorous, professional and winning campaign in her ward or district; raise necessary funds; earn endorsements from opinion leaders and organizations and build community support; and hire talented staff who can write and execute a plan to win at all stages of the campaign.

What does a Women Winning endorsement include?

Our endorsement comes with strategic campaign guidance, grassroots support and financial contributions.

What’s the endorsement process?

Our endorsement decisions are made by Women Winning’s Board of Directors. Our State, Federal, and Joint PACs conduct screenings and make endorsement recommendations to the Board of Directors. PAC leadership makes decisions regarding the endorsing calendar and timing of endorsement consideration for specific races throughout the year. State and local candidates apply for endorsement consideration from the State PAC, while Federal candidates apply for endorsement consideration from the Federal PAC. The Federal and State PAC meet jointly to consider endorsement in Constitutional races.

What if multiple pro-choice women run for a single seat?

Women Winning endorses only one pro-choice woman per seat. When more than one pro-choice woman seeks our endorsement, we may invite candidates to participate in a screening for the relevant PAC to assess each candidate based on our endorsement criteria. Women Winning may also choose to not consider endorsement or not to endorse after consideration.

How do I apply for endorsement, and can I apply right now?

If you’re interested in applying for Women Winning’s endorsement, please contact us for information about the application and screening process by emailing us at info@womenwinning.org

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