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Across the country, we’re seeing pro-choice women step up to run for every level of office and change the face of power. And Minnesota is leading the way. Take a look at these amazing future women leaders, then step up and help them win.
U.S. Senate

Amy Klobuchar
Tina Smith

U.S. House of Representatives

Betty McCollum
Angie Craig
Ilhan Omar

State Auditor

Julie Blaha

Minnesota House of Representatives

Patty Acomb
Kristin Bahner
Jamie Becker-Finn
Connie Bernardy
Shelly Christiansen
Anne Claflin
Lori Ann Clark
Kathryn Eckhardt
Heather Edelson
Heidi Everett
Margaret Fernandez
Tina Folch
Madalynn Gerold
Aisha Gomez
Laurie Halverson
Hodan Hassan
Alice Hausman
Kaohly Her
Debra Hisltrom
Melissa Hortman
Brittney Johnson
Mindy Kimmel
Ginny Klevorn
Erin Koegel
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
Mary Kunesh-Podein
Tina Liebling
Diane Loeffler
Jamie Mahlberg
Alice Mann
Yvette Marthaler
Sandra Masin
Erin Maye Quade
Emy Minzel
Kelly Moller
Rena Moran
Kelly Morrison
Ann Mozey
Liz Olsen
Ilhan Omar
Jeanne Poppe
Laurie Pryor
Ruth Richardson
Jennifer Schultz
Linda Slocum
Norrie Thomas
Marla Vagts
Jean Wagenius
Ami Wazlawik
Maggie Williams
Cheryl Youakim

County Commissioner

Toni Carter
Angela Conley
Irene Fernando
Mandy Meisner


Maria Regan Gonzalez

City Council

Mitra Jalali Nelson

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