Now more than ever, we need our best advocates in elected office. Women Winning helps pro-choice women run for office and win — up and down the ballot! 

Through our robust formal training series, one-on-one candidate coaching, and boots-on-the-ground support, Women Winning provides the tools needed for pro-choice women to run strong campaigns and win elections! 

To break down barriers that have kept women and underrepresented voices out of the political process, Women Winning’s programming and services are free-of-charge for all pro-choice women in Minnesota. 

Formal Training
Women Winning’s Candidate & Campaign Development Training Series provides critical tools for pro-choice women candidates, campaign staff, and the next generation of political leaders across Minnesota. Our trainings help candidates and their teams build needed skills and offer strategic resources to successfully campaign for office. Topics covered can include: 
Campaign Finance and Fundraising; Communications; Team Structure and Data Management; Voter Contact: Field and Organizing; Constituent Outreach and Voter Education.

One-on-one Coaching
Through one-on-one coaching, tailored to the specific circumstances and dynamics of given race, Women Winning expert Political Directors offer strategic advice and mentorship to pro-choice women running for all levels of office. From building campaigns plans and reviewing budgets, to building checklists and navigating shifting political landscapes, Women Winning is with a candidate on every step on the campaign trail. 

Endorsement Program
Women Winning’s strategic endorsement program focuses on competitive races for pro-choice women candidates with the goal of electing a truly representative government, protecting and advancing choice, and creating a more equitable, just Minnesota. Women Winning is often a candidate’s first endorsement, acting as a powerful validator and ushering in additional support. Women Winning’s endorsement can also include financial resources, grassroots support, and strategic campaign promotion. For more information, please visit Women Winning’s endorsement page.

Ready to run?

If you are a pro-choice woman running for office or considering the next step on your political journey, we want to support you. Email to learn more about upcoming trainings, available resources, and to connect with a member of our political team! 

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