Record numbers of pro-choice women ran for office and on November 6th record numbers of pro-choice women WON. Minnesotans were activated by a strong pro-choice, women-led ticket and were ready to change the face of power —  58 Women Winning endorsed candidates were ELECTED to office, from U.S. Senate to School Board.  

Minnesota continues to lead the nation as one of only five states represented by TWO pro-choice women U.S. Senators. Voters turned out to ensure decisive victories for Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Tina Smith.

Minnesota TRIPLED the number of pro-choice women it will send to Congress. Trailblazing Rep. Betty McCollum won her 10th U.S. House race, and Angie Craig and Ilhan Omar became the first women ever elected to Congress from their districts. Beginning in 2019, 50% of Minnesota’s Federal Delegation will be comprised of pro-choice women.

Thirty-three Women Winning-endorsed candidates were elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives! Of those thirty-three, nine seats were FLIPPED from anti-choice incumbents. With these gains, Women Winning-endorsed candidates are the largest driver of protecting reproductive rights in the Minnesota legislature.  

Pro-choice women won their elections to County Boards, Mayor’s Offices, City Councils, and School Boards across the state, building the pipeline of political leadership in Minnesota. Angela Conley and Irene Fernando became the first people of color ever elected to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. Kim Norton will be the first woman mayor of Rochester and Maria Regan Gonzalez will be the first Latinx mayor in Minnesota’s history.

We are proud of all of the brave pro-choice women who stepped up to run for office this year. Our candidates ran their campaigns with integrity, vision, and tenacity and we are grateful for their leadership.

The following Women Winning-endorsed candidates were elected in the 2018 Midterm Election.

U.S. Senate
Amy Klobuchar
Tina Smith

U.S. House of Representatives
Angie Craig, District 2
Betty McCollum, District 4
Ilhan Omar, District 5

State Auditor
Julie Blaha

Minnesota House of Representatives
Patty Acomb, District 44B
Kristin Bahner, District 34B
Jamie Becker-Finn, District 42B
Connie Bernardy, District 41A
Shelly Christensen, District 39B
Anne Claflin, District 54A
Heather Edelson, District 49A
Aisha Gomez, District 62B
Laurie Halverson, District 51B
Hodan Hassan, District 62A
Alice Hausman, District 66A
Kaohly Her, District 64A
Melissa Hortman, District 36B
Ginny Klevorn, District 44A
Erin Koegel, District 37A
Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, District 48B
Mary Kunesh- Poedin, District 41B
Tina Liebling, District 26A
Diane Loeffler, District 60A
Alice Mann, District 56B
Sandy Masin, District 51A
Kelly Moller, District 42A
Rena Moran, District 65A
Kelly Morrison, District 33B
Liz Olson, District 07B
Jeanne Poppe, District 27B
Laurie Pryor, District 48A
Ruth Richardson, District 52B
Jennifer Schultz, District 07A
Samantha Vang, District 40B
Jean Wagenius, District 63B
Ami Wazlawik, District 38B
Cheryl Youakim, District 46B

County Commissioner
Toni Carter, Ramsey County District 2
Angela Conley, Hennepin County District 4
Irene Fernando, Hennepin County District 2
Mandy Meisner, Anoka County District 4

Rita Albrecht, Bemidji
Kathleen Martin, Medina
Kim Norton, Rochester
Maria Regan Gonzalez, Richfield

City Council
Wendy Berry, West St. Paul
Clarice Grabau, Northfield
April Graves, Brooklyn Center
Carly Johnson, Oak Park Heights
Claire Luger, Wyoming
Suzie Nakasian, Northfield
Deborah White, Moorhead

School Board
Jenny Arneson, Minneapolis
Kimberly Caprini, Minneapolis
Kara Gloe, Moorhead
Natalie Ringsmuth, St. Cloud

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