2018 was not a blip in the radar. Pro-choice women cross the nation continue to run for office in record numbers — and Minnesota is leading the way. Women Winning is proud to endorse six pro-choice women candidates running in the crucial 2019 elections.

Women Winning is also proud to endorse three candidates for Saint Paul City Council: Anika Bowie in Ward 1, Nelsie Yang in Ward 6, and Jane Prince in Ward 7. The Saint Paul City Council is currently comprised of a majority pro-choice women and we look forward to sustaining — and expanding — pro-choice women’s representation in Minnesota’s capital city this November.

Women Winning is also proud to endorse first-time candidate Kissy Coakley for Minnetonka City Council in Ward 4 and Susan Carter, running in a special election for an At-Large seat on the Minnetonka City Council.

Women Winning is proud to endorse Nancy Robinett for Mayor of Saint Anthony Village. The current mayor and all members of its City Council are men. When elected, Nancy will bring a strong voice to the city’s government as a decisive, executive leader.

It is critical that pro-choice women are represented at all levels of government and we are committed to ensuring our candidates cross the finish line this November. There are crucial local and municipal races on the ballot in 2019 and we know that every election matters.

With a powerful coalition of Minnesotans committed to advancing pro-choice women’s leadership, we will change the face of power in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

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