Today, Women Winning announced the endorsement of six pro-choice women running for the Minnesota Legislature and County Boards in 2020. 

“At the most fundamental level, Women Winning’s work is centered on electing a representative government and creating a more equitable, just world for all,” said Meggie Wittorf, Women Winning Executive Director. “Recent protests of police brutality and systemic racism further amplify the critical importance of having our best advocates at all levels of government. Now more than ever, we need compassionate, tenacious, and forward-thinking leaders in elected office — and Women Winning is working tirelessly to ensure these leaders win up and down the ballot in November. We’re proud to endorse six pro-choice women running for critical state and county offices, bringing our total 2020 endorsements to 77 formidable candidates. It’s time to elect the government we need and deserve.” 

Women Winning’s May endorsements are in addition to 71 pro-choice women already endorsed in competitive federal and state races in 2020, and Women Winning will continue to make endorsements throughout the summer. Women Winning endorsed candidates represent a diverse range of backgrounds and lived experiences, and come from communities across Minnesota.

Women Winning is proud to endorse De’Vonna Pittman for Hennepin County Board in District 1. 

Women Winning is proud to endorse two pro-choice women running for Minnesota Senate: 
Michele Anderson, Minnesota Senate District 8
Gretchen Piper, Minnesota Senate District 33

Women Winning is proud to endorse three pro-choice women running for Minnesota House of Representatives: 
Sandra Feist, Minnesota House District 41B
Alice Hausman, Minnesota House District 66A
Sandra Masin, Minnesota House District 51A

Minnesotans are already taking action to ensure pro-choice women are elected in November.  This spring, 96% of Women Winning’s endorsed candidates for federal, state, and local offices won their party’s endorsement, which, for many candidates, is a critical step to ensuring their name is on the ballot and winning in November. In 2020, Women Winning aims to protect hard-fought 2018 wins by re-electing Sen. Tina Smith, Rep. Angie Craig, and the women who flipped the Minnesota House of Representatives. Women Winning is also determined to flip the anti-choice Minnesota Senate, where currently only 10 of 67 members are pro-choice women. 

Meet the pro-choice women running in 2020

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