Women Winning is proud to announce our endorsement of Sen. Kamala Harris’ historic candidacy for Vice President of the United States!

“The office of Vice President commands great responsibility and influence, and there is no doubt that Sen. Kamala Harris is prepared to lead on Day One. Women Winning is proud to endorse Sen. Harris — a courageous, prepared, effective leader — in her historic candidacy for Vice President of the United States,” said Meggie 

Wittorf, Executive Director of Women Winning. “With Vice President Joe Biden’s forethought and leadership, as demonstrated by his outstanding running mate selection, Americans see an inclusive politics and government where their voices are heard and they are respected. Similarly, Sen. Harris always fights for the people. At this time of great uncertainty and with Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s relentless attacks on women’s rights, we need her powerful, visionary leadership on this ticket to take on our nation’s most pressing challenges.” 

Senator Kamala Harris

“As Sen. Harris prepares to take the stage to officially accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for Vice President, pro-choice women across Minnesota and the country are showing up — as marchers, volunteers, donors, and voters — to make history by electing Sen. Kamala Harris, the first woman and person of color to serve as Vice President of the United States.” 

Kamala Harris has already made history as the first Black woman elected Attorney General of California and the first Black woman to represent California in the United States Senate. As Attorney General, she oversaw the second-largest Justice Department in the country and took on special interests including the gun lobby, big banks, and big oil. In the United States Senate, she has distinguished herself as a fighter for the American people on issues ranging from women’s rights and choice, to corruption and election interference.

Women Winning’s endorsement of Sen. Harris is in addition to more than 80 endorsements of pro-choice women running for critical offices across Minnesota in 2020, from city council to United States Senate. Women Winning’s targeted political program centers on competitive districts for pro-choice women candidates with the goal of electing a truly representative government and creating a more equitable state and nation. Women Winning will make additional endorsements this fall and will continue organizing to ensure pro-choice women win up and down the ballot in November. 

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