Today, Women Winning announced the endorsement of nine pro-choice women running for the Minnesota House of Representatives and County Boards in 2020.

COVID-19 has amplified just how critical it is that we have our best advocates in elected office. From allocating funding for social programs and basic needs organizations to ensuring protections for essential workers and economic relief for families, state and local officials play a critical role in the health and resilience of our communities. That’s why Women Winning’s work continues in full force. We’re proud to endorse nine pro-choice women running for crucial Minnesota House and County Board seats in 2020. These candidates are diligent, resolute leaders and Women Winning will be with them through their November victory and beyond.”

Women Winning is proud to endorse five pro-choice women running for Minnesota House of Representatives:
Liz Boldon, Minnesota House District 25B
Caitlin Cahill, Minnesota House District 33A
Renee Cardarelle, Minnesota House District 29A
Doria Drost, Minnesota House District 16A
Dr. Andrea Nelsen, Minnesota House District 55A

Women Winning is proud to endorse four pro-choice women running for County Board: 
Nicole Frethem*, Ramsey County District 1
Debbie Goettel*, Hennepin County, District 5
Ashley Grimm, St. Louis County District 3
Victoria Reinhardt*, Ramsey County District 7


Women Winning’s April endorsements are in addition to 65 pro-choice women already endorsed in competitive federal and state races in 2020. Women Winning will continue to make endorsements throughout the year. 

With anti-choice legislators across the country, including in Minnesota, exploiting the coronavirus crisis to push for reproductive rights restrictions, it’s critical we elect our best advocates up and down the ballot. State legislatures and county boards play a critical role in determining access to reproductive healthcare, zoning and funding for clinics, and more. Pro-choice women are the strongest advocates for reproductive rights, and Women Winning’s strategic endorsement program aims to ensure they are well represented at decision-making tables. 

Meet the pro-choice women running in 2020

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