We are thrilled to announce that Alana Petersen, one of Minnesota’s most influential and respected political leaders, has been elected Chair of the Women Winning Board of Directors!

Alana has more than 20 years of federal level political experience and has been involved in every Minnesota election since 1998. Most recently she served as U.S. Senator Tina Smith’s campaign manager and currently serves as Senator Smith’s Deputy Chief of Staff and State Advisor. Alana resides in Pine City with her husband Thom and their two sons, Dylan and Waylon. The Petersens are avid baseball fans, and raise horses that they show at the Minnesota State Fair and county fairs across the state. Alana served as Vice Chair of the Women Winning Board of Directors from 2017-2018.

We look forward to Alana’s leadership and vision as we continue to build on the powerful momentum of 2018. 

Please read on for a special message from Alana to Women Winning’s most dedicated supporters.

Dear Women Winning Champions,

As Senator Tina Smith’s campaign manager, I witnessed Women Winning’s powerful work up-close in 2018. Immediately after Senator Smith’s appointment, Women Winning sprang into action and helped get the campaign up and running by recruiting talented staff, connecting Senator Smith with key supporters, and even opening the campaign’s P.O. box! Women Winning was the first organization to endorse Senator Smith and hosted her first fundraiser. And Women Winning stayed with us throughout the entire race, hosting five dedicated fundraising events, training campaign interns, and organizing hundreds of volunteers for key voter contact action.  

Not only did Women Winning do this critical work for Senator Smith, the organization supported hundreds of other pro-choice women across Minnesota. During the 2018 Election Cycle, Women Winning had individual intake meetings with more than 280 pro-choice women and trained 230 candidates and campaign staff, including 70 dedicated campaign interns, during formal, hands-on training sessions.

The organization made 101 powerful endorsements and offered free, around-the-clock strategic consulting to candidates. 84 of Women Winning’s endorsed candidates were on the November ballot and 58 were elected, making Women Winning one of the largest drivers of flipping the Minnesota House to a pro-choice majority and establishing Minnesota as a national leader with 50% of its Federal Delegation comprised of pro-choice women!

2018’s superb victories mark the beginning of a new era of pro-choice women’s representation. The wave of pro-choice women stepping up to run for all levels of office — from park board to President of the United States — is unstoppable. There are incredible opportunities on the horizon – from flipping the Minnesota Senate to a pro-choice majority to shattering the nation’s highest glass ceiling. I am proud to lead Women Winning into 2019 & 2020 as the new Chair of the Board of Directors.

I look forward to building with you as we continue to change the face and perception of power. Thank you for your commitment to electing pro-choice women and for all you do to support Women Winning.


Alana Petersen
Board Chair, Women Winning

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