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The mission of Women Winning is to encourage, promote, support, and elect pro-choice women of all political parties to all levels of public office.

Women Winning is building a statewide movement dedicated to increasing pro-choice women’s representation at all levels of office. This movement includes women, men, Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between. Our members know that electing women isn’t just good for women, it’s good for everyone. The mission and scope of Women Winning’s work is bigger than any one race. Since our founding in 1982, Women Winning has raised millions of dollars and supported thousands of women candidates. We work to elect pro-choice women candidates at every level of office, from Park Board to President of the United States.

Our strategy is three-fold:

#1 We identify pro-choice women leaders who are ready to run for office today or are potential future candidates. We draw from our statewide membership and our partners including women leaders in the business, education, non-profit, community volunteer and political sectors. We encourage women to run for all levels of office to fill the candidate pipeline.

#2 Once we have identified a woman who is ready to run, we help develop her into a winning candidate. Women Winning provides a wide variety of guidance to candidates on campaign start up and campaign plan writing to fundraising and budgeting.

#3 We endorse and generally provide funds at the maximum contribution level and we hold fundraisers among our membership of over 14,000 people.

View our list of current endorsements HERE.

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