2020 is the election of our lifetimes and your vote matters. Together, we can elect pro-choice women up and down the ballot — from school board to Vice President of the United States!  

107 Women Winning-endorsed pro-choice women candidates are on the ballot in 2020 — now it’s up to us to show up get them elected! Use Women Winning’s 2020 Election Voter Guide to find out which of our candidates are on your ballot and make a plan to VOTE for them! 

Make sure you are registered to vote! CLICK HERE to check your registration or to register. Minnesotans can register online, by mail, or at their polling place. 

Your vote matters. It’s crucial that you make a plan to cast your ballot — and do so as soon as possible. There are 3 ways to vote in Minnesota! 

Voting by mail is a safe, secure, and accessible option for all Minnesota voters! Follow this step-by-step plan to vote by mail:

Step 1: Request your ballot!
CLICK HERE to request your ballot — it takes just 2-3 minutes! Make sure you request your ballot in plenty of time for election officials to mail your ballot to you and for you to return it on or before Election Day. 

Step 2: Complete your ballot carefully! 
Follow the instructions that come with your ballot carefully. For example, be sure to fill in the bubbles next to candidates’ names completely, and seal your ballot in the three envelopes provided and as the instructions indicate. You will not need to pay for postage to return your ballot and you will not need a witness signature.

Step 3: Return your ballot right away — and track it! 
Don’t wait to make your voice heard — return your completed ballot right away! You can return your ballot via USPS or package delivery service (like FedEx or UPS), or you can drop off your ballot in person at the election office that sent your ballot until 3:00 PM on Election Day. If you return your ballot by mail, CLICK HERE to double-check that it was received and your vote was counted!  

You can vote early in person at your county elections office between Friday, September 18th and Monday, November 2nd. CLICK HERE to find your county elections office.

You can vote in person on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd from 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM. If you are in line to vote by 8:00 PM, you have the right to vote. CLICK HERE to find your polling place.

It will take more than just candidates, campaigns, and organizations to get out the vote in 2020. It’s up to each of us to contact our family, friends, neighbors, and networks to make sure they have a plan to cast their ballots. Visit Women Winning’s Get Out the Vote Resource Hub for key voting resources, important dates, and sample messages to send to your people to make sure they’re ready to vote!

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