There are critical elections in Minnesota in 2019 and your vote matters. To ensure pro-choice women are represented at all levels of government, it’s up to us to vote for them. 

Municipal government plays a significant role in protecting reproductive rights. County commissioners, mayors, city councils, and school boards determine zoning for abortion-providing clinics, fund reproductive health programs, and ensure age-appropriate sexuality and consent education. Women Winning has endorsed a strong slate of pro-choice women running for these important offices in 2019. 

On August 13th — Primary Election Day — 4 of our endorsed candidates will be on the ballot. If you live in Ramsey County District 1, Bloomington, or Duluth, make a plan to vote and use Women Winning’s voter guide to make the best choice at the polls!

Whether or not there’s a Primary Election in your community, make sure you are registered to vote! CLICK HERE to check your registration or to register. 

You can vote early between now and August 12th. You can also vote in-person on Primary Election Day, August 13th. CLICK HERE For all the details and to find your polling location.

Review the Women Winning 2019 Primary Election Voter Guide to see which Women Winning-endorsed candidates will be on your ballot. To find Women Winning-endorsed candidates who will be on the ballot in the November 5th General Election, CLICK HERE

Call, text, and email your family, friends, and neighbors who live in Ramsey County, Duluth, and Bloomington to make sure they vote in the August 13th Primary Election! Tell them why you’re supporting Women Winning-endorsed candidates and share this link so your people can find their polling location:


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