Pro-choice women are running for office in record numbers. Now it’s up to us to ensure that they cross the finish line and WIN on Election Day. Cast your vote to make sure that pro-choice women have a seat at the tables of power.

On Tuesday, November 6th, 83 of our pro-choice women candidates will be on the ballot. Download the Women Winning 2018 Midterm Election Voter Guide to learn about the incredible pro-choice women running for all levels of office — from U.S. Senate to school board.  

You can vote early between September 21st and November 5th. Click here to find your Early Voting polling location. You can also vote in-person on Election Day, November 6th. Click here to find your Election Day polling location. Note: Early Voting and Election Day polling locations may differ – make sure you check and have a plan. 

Review the Women Winning 2018 Midterm Election Voter Guide to see which Women Winning-endorsed candidates will be on your ballot. Candidates for U.S. Senate and State Auditor will appear on all ballots, while candidates for other offices will appear only on ballots in the district in which they are running. Click here to find your Minnesota State House district or Click here to see you sample ballot. 

Call, text, and email your family, friends, and neighbors to make sure they vote in the November 6th Midterm Election! Tell them why you are voting and why you’re supporting Women Winning-endorsed candidates. Share this link so your people can find their polling location:

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