Women Winning’s mission is to recruit, train, support, and elect pro-choice women from all political parties to all levels of public office. 

Since our founding in 1982, the number of pro-choice women county commissioners, mayors, and state legislators in Minnesota has more than doubled — but we still have a long way to go.

Today, pro-choice women are stepping up to run for office in record numbers. It’s up to all of us to stand up, sign up, show up, and get them elected. 



What’s New at Women Winning

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Councilwoman Carly Johnson

“Having Women Winning’s endorsement, I felt there was a sense of legitimacy. I wasn’t just someone that was putting their name on the ballot. There was actually support and I wasn’t alone… To have Women Winning acknowledge that my race was important gave me confidence. It was really helpful to know that someone believed in me and thought that I could do it.”

Announcing the 37th Annual Luncheon featuring Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Congresswoman Waters is a fierce advocate for women’s rights and has been an inspiration for countless women who have stepped up to run for — and win — elected office. In 2018, Minnesota made significant strides for pro-choice women’s representation and tripled the number of pro-choice women in our Congressional delegation. We are thrilled that this year’s Annual Luncheon will feature one of the strongest, most influential congresswomen in the nation.

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Sen. Melisa Franzen

“When I made the decision to run, Women Winning was there from the inception — literally setting up our website, our remit envelopes, our lawn signs that we used for precinct caucus. Women Winning helped me build a foundation and get started. If you’re considering running for office, there’s a great group of pro-choice people who will stand behind you if you are willing to put your name out there. We need more pro-choice women at the table. Running for office is not a crazy idea! It’s possible, and we’ll help you get there.” 

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