Since 1982, Women Winning has been building a coalition of people of all backgrounds, gender identities, and political affiliations united in our mission to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to all levels of public office — from park board to President of the United States. We’ve endorsed and elected thousands of candidates, tripling the number of pro-choice women holding elected office in Minnesota.

This is a new era of pro-choice women’s leadership. Pro-choice women continue to step up to run for office and Women Winning will be with them at every step on the campaign trail in 2021, 2022, and beyond.



What’s New at Women Winning

Wine, Chocolate, & Choice!

Wine, Chocolate, & Choice — one of the largest, premier events for Minnesota advocates for reproductive rights and women’s leadership — is BACK with an all-star program you don’t want to miss! Join Women Winning and U.S. Rep. Katie Porter to celebrate shattered ceilings, our Madam Vice President, and the history we will continue to make.

Standing with you in the fight for democracy.

Women Winning works to elect our best advocates because we believe in the great power and promise of our democratic institutions. This week’s events are a painful reminder that these institutions are fragile — only as strong as the individuals willing to defend them.

Trailblazers & Changemakers: Sen. Erin Murphy

“It is time for us, not to intentionally inflame the other side, but to make sure we’re doing everything in the law to protect people’s reproductive freedom… it’s time for us to get rid of barriers, and make sure people think of abortion care and reproductive care as healthcare — because they are.”

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