Since 1982, Women Winning has been building a coalition of people of all backgrounds, gender identities, and political affiliations united in our mission to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to all levels of public office — from park board to President of the United States. We’ve endorsed and elected thousands of candidates, tripling the number of pro-choice women holding elected office in Minnesota.

This is a new era of pro-choice women’s leadership. Pro-choice women continue to step up to run for office and Women Winning will be with them at every step on the campaign trail in 2019, 2020, and beyond.



What’s New at Women Winning

Women Winning’s first state legislature endorsements of 2020

With perpetual threats to choice at the federal level — from the elimination of Title X funding to the anti-choice majority on the U.S. Supreme Court — state legislatures are fundamental to protecting reproductive rights… Early support is critical and Women Winning is proud to endorse this slate of formidable pro-choice women running in the most competitive State Senate and House races in Minnesota.

Women Winning endorses Sen. Tina Smith & Rep. Angie Craig for re-election

“Minnesota will be a key battleground state in 2020 and Women Winning is proud to take early action in these critical races to ensure Senator Smith and Representative Craig are re-elected…Women Winning is committed to protecting — and expanding — pro-choice women’s representation at all levels of office in 2020.”

2019 Results: WOMEN WIN.

On November 5th, pro-choice women were elected to critical local offices in sweeping victories across Minnesota — more than 80% of Women Winning’s 34 endorsed candidates were elected to School Boards, City Councils, County Boards, and Mayor’s Offices. Minnesotans continue to be activated by pro-choice women candidates. Inspiring record voter turnout, record numbers of women were elected to public office in 2018, and the strength of pro-choice women candidates was again reflected in the results of 2019 municipal and school district elections in Minnesota

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