Dear Friends,

If you’d asked me what womenwinning would look like 100 days into the Trump presidency, I don’t think I could have imagined this....

Everywhere we go, we meet more and more pro-choice women who are ready take action. Our movement is growing at an unbelievable pace - from packed events to grassroots efforts organized by dedicated supporters, it’s clear our members have taken their commitment to our mission to the next level.

More pro-choice women than ever before are stepping up to run for office. The pipeline of political leadership is primed and we have the opportunity to change the face of power in a way that we never have before.

Why are women stepping up?

Because pro-choice women know what's at stake, and they’re not backing down. Representative Maxine Waters speaks the truth - and we love it. Senator Elizabeth Warren started a movement of persistent women. DFL Minority Leader Melissa Hortman will not say she’s sorry for calling out her colleagues for disrespect.

Our members and candidates prove that being pro-choice is about more than you might think. Pro-choice women leaders have shown time and again that they'll stand up for the rights that ensure all women can live healthy, safe, and empowered lives. womenwinning is here to support our candidates--past, present, and future--as they run, win, and persist. And we're proud to have you by our side in the effort.

Lauren Beecham
Executive Director

Member Spotlight

Nevertheless, she persisted. “Those words remind me of every woman I know who has kept going even though it’s difficult or it might make you unpopular," Nora McInerny said.

That’s why Nora worked with local artist Chelsea Brink and tattoo artist, Emily Snow of Brass Knuckle Tattoo to host the She Persisted Tattoo Event in February.

Hundreds of women poured through the doors of Brass Knuckle to get the words tattooed to their bodies - and women across the nation did the same in their own towns. The proceeds will be given to womenwinning.

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Candidate Endorsement Alert

Founded in 1982, womenwinning has been working for 35 years to elect more pro-choice women to every level of office, from Park Board to President. In that time, the number of women state legislators, county commissioners, and mayors has more than doubled in Minnesota. Our endorsement comes with strategic campaign guidance, training, and financial and grassroots support.

2017 is a busy year - with many opportunities to support pro-choice women running across Minnesota. To see which pro-choice women we’re supporting this year* - and the elected officials who we’ve helped along the way - visit our endorsement page.

*The 2017 Endorsed Candidates list contains candidates who are endorsed by womenwinning in their current and active election cycles for 2017 and 2018 elections - it will continue to grow.










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