Currently, women make up 51% of Minnesota’s population but only: 40% of school boards, 27% of city councils, 16% of mayors, 14% of county commissioners (84% of counties have no women on their County Boards), and 32% of our state legislature in Minnesota. Nationally, only 10% of all governors are women, and women make up just 19% of the U.S. House of Representatives and 20% of the U.S. Senate. We have yet to elect a woman president. (Minnesota’s Office on the Economic Status of Women, 2015)
Women bring a different perspective from men and a unique set of skills to the table. Women prioritize legislation that impacts women, families and communities. In particular, pro-choice women make sure that reproductive health care and abortion access remain priorities in public policy. Men may vote to support this legislation, but it is often women who bring it to the table in the first place. It is important that our governing bodies writing our laws reflect the diverse life experiences of the people in our communities.