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Liz Olson is running to represent District 7B in the Minnesota House of Representatives.
Olson's experience lies in engaging and mobilizing diverse groups of people, especially those often left out of the political process, to shape policy solutions at the state and local level. Her career has included advocacy for access to healthcare, worker protections, and ending homelessness. 

Liz is a mother, wife, avid trail runner and believer in strong communities. She loves Duluth and looks forward to raising her daughter in the community. Being elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives is a way to put her love for Duluth into action, to serve her family, neighbors, and the people of Minnesota, and to help build a bright future for all of us.

Olson is running because she believes in a Minnesota that promises all of us a chance to live with dignity – a Minnesota that offers access to living wage jobs with good benefits, strong public schools, and expanded access to our democracy. She will work hard to build relationships at the State Capitol and in the community in order to champion sound policy that benefits the people of 7B and all Minnesotans.

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