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Currently, Alana Petersen serves as Senator Franken’s Deputy Chief of Staff and State Director and coordinates the work of Al Franken for Senate in Minnesota.  Alana brings a wealth of knowledge and a sharp political instinct to Senator Franken’s official and campaign operations through her 20 years of Congressional experience and through her involvement in every Minnesota election since 1998.Alana was born and raised in Minnesota.  After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 1991, she moved to Washington, DC to work on Capitol Hill for a Minnesota House member, David Minge.  In 1998, Alana returned to Minnesota to run his re-election campaign.  She followed this by a U.S. Senate campaign in 2000, and a congressional recount in the fall of 2000.   To broaden her political experience, Alana served as Executive Director of a statewide non-profit organization, Target Market.  With an annual budget of $6 million dollars, Target Market promoted an anti-tobacco message to high school students.  In 2002, when Minnesota used their tobacco endowment as part of a budget fix, Alana began consulting for a national political consulting firm, Grassroots Solutions.  There, Alana worked with national labor unions, congressional candidates, and the pro-choice community to develop plans for the 2004 election cycle. After having her first son, Alana took a job closer to home in northern Minnesota.  She worked for Minnesota Congressman, Jim Oberstar, and ran his congressional re-election campaign in 2006, and joined Al Franken’s campaign in September of 2008.  After the election, Alana served as a Director for the 2008 statewide hand recount.  In July of 2009, when Al Franken was sworn in to the U.S. Senate, Alana joined Senator Franken’s staff as the State Director.  In the 2010 election cycle, she was asked to serve as Field Director for Mark Dayton’s recount for Governor.In 2014, Alana served as Senior Advisor to Senator Franken’s re-election campaign where she oversaw the Organizing Department of the campaign.  The Organizing Department had a political, field and training sections with a total of 87 employees.  Senator Franken had the largest paid organizing team in the state in the cycle and was recognized as being a well-run campaign.  “I’ve got to give the award for best [campaign] to Al Franken because guess who we’re not talking about today. Closest Senate election six years ago - Al Franken, recount all of those things. How did this guy survive? Six years of a well-run campaign.” –Chuck Todd, MEET THE PRESS 11/2/2014Alana and her husband Thom reside in Pine City, Minnesota with their two sons Dylan (11) and Waylon (9).  The Petersen’s play and watch a lot of baseball, and raise and show both miniature and large horses at county fairs across the state and in the Minnesota State Fair.  The family is active in local Farmers Union where Alana serves as the County Treasurer.  She also serves on the East Central Regional Arts Council Board.