County Commissioner
Chisago County District 1
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Lora is running for reelection as Chisago County District 1 Commissioner. She has served on the County Board for eight of the past 12 years and has 24 years of experience with county government. Lora dedicates much of her time to various County Administrative Advisory Teams. She has demonstrated excellence in rallying her peers around projects, like the 2012 Chisago County Library Initiative. She led the charge against raising county spending, meaning that there has been no increase in the county levy in the past six years. Lora knows that roads and bridges are what keep communities connected, and she worked with state government to add a bridge on County Road 17 and replace the Highway 95 bridge over I-35. When reelected, Lora will be a strong advocate for public safety, reasonable property taxes, and strong community programs that protect green space, parks, and trails.