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Suzie is running for her second term on the Northfield City Council.  She was first elected to represent Ward I in 2010. Her top priorities are economic development and job creation. Suzie continues to push for road improvements--both maintenance and better engineering. Additionally, she wants an increase in public and private transit options.  Suzie was instrumental in prompting Northfield Lines to create the Northfield-Metro Express Bus. Because she is in tune with the needs of residents and employers, Suzie also supports an aggressive housing development strategy to meet the needs of all residents.  Suzie is an innovative thinker who wants Northfield to tap into its potential as a center for retail and recreational tourism. Suzie dedicated herself to public service long before running for city council.  In the past, she served the community in such initiatives as the Northfield Environmental Quality Commission and the Northfield Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals.  Suzie’s interdisciplinary professional and academic background in psychology and religion has informed her interest in bringing people together to discuss issues and learn from each other while working toward the common good.  Suzie is enthusiastic about serving the community in which she is raising two young children with her husband.