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Jeanne is running for reelection to Spring Lake Park City Council. First elected in 1981, this will be her ninth term. Jeanne has been a true leader on addressing the growing needs of seniors in the city. Jeanne also serves as a liaison to a number of city boards and commissions including Parks and Recreation Commission, North Metro Cable Communications Commission and the Northstar Corridor Authority.  Prior to being elected councilor, Jeanne served for six years on the District 16 School Board. You can also find her helping out at the Annual Youth Softball Tournaments and Tower Days Craft Fair, or singing in the church choir.  Jeanne and her husband first moved to Spring Lake Park in 1961 and raised three children.  They now have 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren--with the third generation now attending the Spring Lake Park school system.  Jeanne has spent a portion of her professional career in the healthcare industry and continues to work part-time at Mercy Hospital for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation.  Jeanne’s political philosophy can be summed up as this:  “serve without prejudice, respect others’ opinions, be honest and trustworthy.”