Natalie Volin Lehr

Board Member
Board Member Since:
Before starting at WIN Minnesota Federal PAC as Executive Director, Natalie served as the Political Director of Senator Al Franken’s Midwest Values PAC which supports progressive federal candidates in the Midwest and nationwide. Previously, Natalie served as a Legislative Aide on the Judiciary Committee for Senator Franken. In that capacity she worked on issues of choice, sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, and GLBT issues. She also worked on judicial nominations, including Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination hearing.  During the 2008 campaign cycle Natalie served as the Director of Women’s Outreach for Sen. Franken’s campaign, forming Women for Franken constituency and advisory groups.  In 2010 she served as the Political Director of both Al Franken for Senate and Midwest Values PAC. Natalie graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School in 2013.  She was nominated as a Truman partner in 2011, a political leadership development program focused on issues of national security.Natalie co-chaired womenwinning’s annual luncheon with Joan Growe in 2012 and continued to serve on womenwinning’s annual event committee.  Natalie lives in Saint Paul with her husband Steve and two stepsons Avery and Will.