Leading Forward: Staying Focused in the Trump Era

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Urban Growler for our 2017 year-end event! We were thrilled to see so many new faces and to meet so many Minnesotans who are fired up and ready to elect pro-choice women next year. As Angie Craig said at the event, "We are in this together."

Host Committee

Fran Davis
Sheila Riggs
Missy Staples Thompson

Scott Anderson
Beth Commers
Barbara Davis
Joan Growe
Katie Kelley

Lynn Abrahamsen
Kris Amundson
Jennifer Arriola
Brenda Davis
Beth Fox
Phyllis Kahn
Sarah Lis
Margaret Lucas
Laura Madsen
Kristen Matilla
Kimerly Miller
Patricia Mitchell
Ellen Sampson
Lucia Watson
Nancy Zingale