Letter from the Executive Director 

Dear Friends,
More than 1,000 women in Minnesota have gotten in touch with us since the 2016 elections to tell us that they want to run for office. Women across the state are stepping up and getting invovled in unprecedented ways. In November, 30 amazing womenwinning-endorsed pro-choice women were elected in local races from Buffalo to Duluth.

The results of Election Day 2017 are encouraging. Pro-choice women won here in Minnesota and in key races across the country. We are committed to electing even more pro-choice women next year, but we have a lot of work to do to gear up for the critically important 2018 midterm elections.

Earlier this week, womenwinning hosted a Women Lawyers Power Happy Hour featuring the pro-choice women who are running for governor in Minnesota in 2018. In our country's history, only 39 women have served as governors and currently only 6 hold the top office (just two of whom are pro-choice!). Here in Minnesota, we have yet to elect our first woman governor. The women women running in 2018 have what it takes to lead and womenwinning is determined to break Minnesota's highest glass ceiling next year. 

All of us at womenwinning wish you a wonderful holiday season. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming year-end events (details below) and look forward to having you with us in the New Year to help change the face of government in 2018.

Lauren Beecham
Executive Director 

Candidate Spotlight - Renee Van Nett, Duluth City Council, 4th District

 "In my 2017 campaign for Duluth’s 4th District City Council seat, it was important for me to run on my core Anishinabeg values because that is who I am and how I make decisions. These values are Humility, Truth, Courage, Honestly, Respect, Love, and Wisdom. I am very proud of my background and I led with these values in all my campaign work. There were some really hard bumps in the path, but I stayed laser-focused, used my backbone of steel, and relied on the values and norms into which I was born.  

Running as a woman is a strength. In my culture, women are the backbone of the family and I took that with me to the podium. Running as a native woman added another layer, but I didn’t let anything stop me. Yes, I was scared a lot, but I was fearless all the time.

womenwinning was very important to me; I had on the ground support and someone to reach out to when I needed help. The financial support was key, helping me have literature, stickers, and materials for volunteers to share when knocking on doors and talking to people. I felt a solid foundation of support with womenwinning in my corner.    

As a Duluth City Councilor, I will be in the community. I plan to schedule “Circle Back sessions” for the people to air their concerns and hear from me. I plan to have an advisory body to help me generate ideas and will engage the community. I will keep our community members safe, help people with employment, and, above all, be available to the people." 

Renee Van Nett will be the first native woman to serve on Duluth's City Council. Visit her website at www.reneevannett.com.

Recent Endorsements

womenwinning is proud to endorse Angie Craig for Congress in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District. Recent polling shows that she is neck in neck with Rep. Jason Lewis in one of the most high-profile races in the country. We are thrilled to support Angie, a strong pro-choice leader, and will be with her all the way to Election Day 2018!

womenwinning endorsements come with strategic campaign guidance, training, and financial and grassroots support. Visit our Endorsement page to learn more about the candidates that we’ve endorsed for 2017 and 2018 election cycles.






Join Team womenwinning for one of our upcoming year-end events! 

womenwinning for Angie Craig – December 5, 5:30 p.m.

Political Pro-Tips: Getting Your Start on a 2018 Campaign – December 6, 4:30 p.m.

Leading Forward: Staying Focused in the Trump Era – December 11, 5:30 p.m.