Dear Friends,

We always joke that there are no off-years at womenwinning and we haven’t skipped a beat since Election Day of last year. We spent January mobilizing our 12,000+ members to March in Minnesota and Washington DC. The energy and passion surrounding our mission to recruit, train and elect pro-choice women is at an all-time high.

Our Political Director, Becky, has been running from meeting to meeting. Since Election Day, the number of potential candidates Becky meets with on a weekly basis has doubled. Our work is more important than ever--and we're laser-focused on building a brighter future filled with pro-choice women's leadership during these dark times.

You asked for more ways to plug into our work - as candidates, supporters and volunteers - and we heard you. We’ll send a quick note once per quarter to show you what we’ve been up to and to highlight opportunities for action. Click HERE to get these updates and more sent directly to your inbox.

Lauren Beecham, Executive Director


Candidate Spotlight
Erin Maye Quade - State House Representative (57A)

“I got my start in politics as a volunteer for another womenwinning endorsed candidate and a role model of mine - Senator Amy Klobuchar. As a part of her team, I learned the ropes of political work. It helped me realize that I could make a difference in my state. Since then, I’ve seen that connections and relationships are the foundations of political power. As a womenwinning endorsed candidate, I have access to a statewide network of supporters who share a greater vision for our state and our country - something brighter and better than the bleak picture being painted by our President. Together, I know we will change the face of power in our state.”
Representative Maye Quade was elected for the first time to the Minnesota State House in 2016.





Member Spotlight

Our Executive Office Interns are a critical part of team womenwinning. Meet our most recent alumni, Sarah Bergman, Caroline Barbosa, and Chiara Marano. No task is too big or too small for a womenwinning intern - they take on staff-level assignments to keep the organization moving. One of the projects they’ve been helping us tackle: archiving 35 years of history making work electing pro-choice women candidates in Minnesota. We’ve recruited, trained, and financially supported pro-choice women to run for office since 1982, and our interns have helped us track and document much of the history of this organization.

Learn more about womenwinning internships HERE.




Mark your calendar

Tuesday, February 21 - She Persisted: a TattooEvent for Awesome People
Wednesday, March 29 - Power Happy Hour
Tuesday, February 28 - Plug In and Power Up (details forthcoming)

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