womenwinning is mourning the passing of co-founder and steadfast supporter, Kathleen Ridder.

As the story goes, on a train ride to Duluth during a cold winter in 1981, Kathleen Ridder and Marlene Johnson developed an idea – an organization to help encourage pro-choice women to run for office and raise and contribute early money to their campaigns in order to help them win.

These women created a movement that has doubled the number of women state legislators, county commissioners, and mayors in Minnesota over the past 35 years.

In 2016, Kathleen reached out to womenwinning to express her excitement about the work and progress that's been made since that snowy train ride, confiding in us that though unspoken – their ultimate goal was to elect a woman president.

Thanks to Kathleen's groundbreaking vision, courage and ambition, we trust this milestone will be achieved in the not too distant future. And womenwinning won't stop until we make history at the top office in Kathleen's memory.

Kathleen’s passion, unparalleled energy and continuous support led to important change for women in Minnesota. She will be greatly missed by womenwinning and so many of our supporters. We owe her our deep gratitude.


Lauren Beecham
Executive Director


If you'd like to learn more about how to help us continue Kathleen's legacy, please click HERE.