womenwinning is ready for Donald Trump… but we need you with us to make sure that we can recruit, develop, and elect the pro-choice women who will stand up to him for the next four years--and in 2020.


What’s at stake?

Access to safe, legal abortion. Affordable birth control. Comprehensive reproductive health care--from STI testing to cancer screenings--for ALL women, not jus

t those who can afford the ever-rising cost of care.

How will we protect our reproductive rights?

By recruiting, training, and supporting pro-choice women running for office at every level from every party in Minnesota.

We’ve been working for 35 years to make sure that we have a seat at the table. In that time, we’ve more than doubled the number of pro-choice women mayors, women state legislators, and county commissioners in our state.

We’re ready to help women win to challenge Donald Trump from city halls, to the State House, all the way up to the White House.

How can you help?

By joining our Four-Year Fund.

Commit to stand with us with a monthly gift of any amount for every month that Donald Trump is in office over the next four years.

With your support, we can identify candidate who are ready to lead, give them the tools they need to win, and elect more pro-choice women to protect our rights, our families and our communities in these uncertain times.