Congratulations to the 30 womenwinning endorsed candidates who were elected this week! From Buffalo to Duluth, pro-choice women candidates ran for office and won! 

Every woman who runs moves the needle forward and adds another crack to the glass ceiling. Thank you to all of the candidates who courageously put their names forward this year.

A special thank you goes out to womenwinning endorsed Mayor Betsy Hodges and City Council President Barb Johnson, who have demonstrated great leadership and grace in their years of service to the City of Minneapolis. 

We celebrate the wins of 2017, but know that there is much more work to be done. We’re fired up and ready to buckle down, stay focused, work hard, and elect even more pro-choice women leaders in 2018. Onward. 
The following womenwinning endorsed candidates were elected in 2017: 


Patty Acomb, City Council, Minnetonka

Carol Becker, Board of Estimates and Taxation, Minneapolis

Lisa Bender, City Council, Minneapolis

Deb Calvert, City Council, Minnetonka

Alondra Cano, City Council, Minneapolis

Anne Casey, School Board, Saint Louis Park

Molly Cummings, Mayor, Hopkins

Anna Dirkswager, School Board, Anoka Hennepin

Emily Dunsworth, City Council, New Brighton

Meg Forney, Park and Recreation Board, Minneapolis

Jeannie Foster, School Board, Saint Paul

Kara Gloe, School Board, Moorhead

Lisa Goodman, City Council, Minneapolis

Rachel Harris, City Council, Saint Louis Park

Andrea Jenkins, City Council, Minneapolis

Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, School Board, Duluth

Jill Lofald, School Board, Duluth

Anne Mavity, City Council, Saint Louis Park

Steffanie Musich, Park and Recreation Board, Minneapolis

Linea Palmisano, City Council, Minneapolis

Amanda Reineck, School Board, Buffalo

Margaret Rog, City Council, Saint Louis Park

Barb Russ, City Council, Duluth

Avonna Starck, School Board, Fridley

Mary Tomback, School Board, Saint Louis Park

Sally Trnka, School Board, Duluth

Renee Van Nett, City Council, Duluth

LaTrisha Vetaw, Park and Recreation Board, Minneapolis

Kelsey Waits, School Board, Hastings

Marny Xiong, School Board, Saint Paul