Wine, Chocolate & Choice

Thanks to everyone who joined us to kick off 2017 on the right foot. We had an exciting night of networking with more than 500 pro-choice women and men at this year's Wine, Chocolate & Choice, hosted by the LAUNCH Committee.

Networking was the main focus of our event. We were so glad to be joined by women, men, Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between to meet, greet, network and LAUNCH ourselves and our careers. Best of all: all event proceeds support womenwinning's critical work to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to all levels of office in the process.


Host Committee


Best & Flanagan


The Mary T. Foundation
New Partners
Fran Davis
Julia Dayton Klein
Stuart Shwiff
Marcia Townley
Laurel Ulland


Kristine Hakala
Tammy Lee Stanoch
Ashleigh Leitch (LAUNCH Chair)
Rachel Osband
Lindsey Port
Board Member Julie Strother


Board Chair Laura Bishop
Adrienne Christiansen
Jenna Covey
Lona Dallessandro
Board Member Emma Faris
Megan Forney
Catherine Holtzclaw
Pamela Moret
Liz Peter
Julie Ring
Andrea Wood
Veronica Woodhouse


Jessica Andrist (LAUNCH)
Katie Barrett Wiik
Susy Bates
Jessie Bergman (LAUNCH)
Molly Brackett
Amanda Buhman (LAUNCH)
Julie Bunn
Sarah Clyne
Linda Domholt
Valerie Dosland
Robby Droddy
Nyemadi Dunbar
Elizabeth Ebot (LAUNCH)
Madaline Edison
Barb Fugate
Jen Gates
Lynn Geschwind
Sue Hakes
Ellie Hands
Jessi Held
Amanda Horner (LAUNCH)
Abby Huebsch
Carolyn Jackson
Amanda Koonjebeharry
Mallory Mitchell (LAUNCH)
Tiffany Orth (LAUNCH)
Megan Peterson
Cordelia Pierson
Catherine Quinlan (LAUNCH)
Lauren Richards
Catherine Shreves
Clare Verbeten (LAUNCH)
Gia Vitalli
Sophie Wallerstedt (LAUNCH)
Eleanor Warner (LAUNCH)
Trish Welte (LAUNCH)